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  • Base Camp Support

    Military & Emergency Response Field Teams
    Military Training Exercise / FOB Support
    Construction, Oil & Mining “Man-Camps”
    Wildland Fire Base Camps

  • Temporary Power and Light Towers

    Towable whisper quiet generators provide all the power you’ll need. Our variable height Light Towers can be extended up to 30 feet high and provide superior illumination and convenient AC power for any application or setting.

  • Potable and Grey Water Trucks

    Our fleet offers you the right capacity of drinking water and/or grey water removal to supply your needs.

  • Self Contained Mobile Equipment

    Our mobile shower units allow our customers to provide the comforts of clean, hot showers in remote locations without access to power, drainage or plumbing.

  • Military and Civilian Shuttle Bus Transports

    Our fleet of shuttle bus transports is available through Dry Lease or Full Service Rental to include our experienced driver personnel.

  • Custom Built Crew Carriers

    We have one of the largest supplies of climate controlled portable shelter systems in the country operating Nationwide.

What We Do

Crewzers provides equipment and logistical support services for disaster relief and emergency base camps. Services include portable shelters, temporary power and light towers, potable water trucks, mobile shower trailers, portable laundry and hand wash stations. Since the early nineties we have worked alongside personnel from government agencies as well as public and private sectors including BIA, BLM, NPS, USFWS, USFS, FEMA, DOD as well as Tribal, City, County and State Agencies. Our working partnerships with various agencies has provided us the opportunity to support a wide range of “All Hazard” Incidents, including Wildland Fires and Hurricanes. Our equipment is also well suited to support Construction, Oil & Mining Industries as well as Public & Private Sector Special Events. CrewZers Equipment and Services are available Nationwide.

Crewzers is now accepting GSA and Corporate credit cards.

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CrewZer’s reps are very knowledgeable about incident needs and functions. Their equipment is top rate and well maintained.
- Rob Rawlings
Central Oregon IMT

Portable Shelters and Tents Base Camp

Portable Shelters

CrewZers has been providing portable shelters and tents for base camp support since the early 1990’s. In fact, we were the first company to offer Quanset Hut-style tents to remote wildland fire base camps. We now offer the customized configurations of Western Shelter Yurts, which can be rapidly deployed “on-scene” to meet a wider range of customer needs. 

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Temporary Power and Light Towers

Temporary Power & Light Towers

Whether you need temporary power and light towers for your base camp or power for smaller “set ups”, CrewZers has a solution for you. CrewZers offers a variety of generators ranging from our low wattage Honda generators which are ideal for minimum power requirements to 125 KW Multiquip Whisper Watt Generators which can power an entire camp.

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Crewzers Potable Water Trucks

Potable Water Trucks

CrewZers potable water trucks are equipped with food grade stainless steel tanks to deliver safe and reliable potable drinking water to homes, businesses and those in emergency situations. For remote locations, a clean and reliable potable drinking water supply is necessary to support mobile hand washing units, portable shower trailers and portable laundry trailers

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Crewzers Grey Water Trucks

Grey Water Trucks

CrewZers fleet of Grey Water Trucks are well suited to a variety of customer needs for grey water removal. Once potable water has served its purpose for remote locations, it must be hauled away from the scene as “grey water”.  CrewZers fleet of Grey Water Trucks is well suited to a variety of customer needs for grey water removal.

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Mobile Showers & Hand Wash Stations

CrewZers Mobile Shower Units allow our customers to provide the comforts of clean, hot showers in remote locations without access to power, drainage or plumbing.  They are available in a variety of configurations from 4 stalls to 22 stalls. 

Our Mobile Hand Wash Stations provide the convenience of heated, self contained hand wash sanitation for large crowds without access to drainage or plumbing.

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Mobile Laundry

Mobile Laundry Units

CrewZers Mobile Laundry Trailers allow us to provide our customers with reliable washers and dryers in remote locations without access to power, drainage or plumbing.  We offer optional pricing for Full Service Laundry to accept, wash, fold and return laundry within a 24 hour period, or as a Self Service Laundry Mat.  We build and sell custom units.

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Shuttle and Transport Buses

Shuttle Buses

CrewZers shuttle buses and transport buses are available through Dry Lease to our Government and Corporate Customers.  They are also available with our experienced driver personnel through our Full Service Rental Option.

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Large fleet of

Site Planning

CrewZers will work directly with your company to develop contingency plan efforts to minimize the amount of downtime you could experience during any planned or unplanned downtime. Utilizing CrewZers base camp and logistical equipment can get your business up and running again as painlessly as possible.

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CrewZers is looking for team players who are interested in working with Equipment in a Mobile Environment (Tents/Base Camp Support, Mobile Showers, Mobile Hand Wash Units, Mobile Laundry).We are always on the lookout for potential CDL Drivers and Mechanics.

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