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Event Medicine Planning

This is a great article to consider for organizations planning an event and in need of Event Medicine:

” Event Management can be stressful. It’s #1 on event management for dummies. Even the most consummate professional will face an unexpected situation that causes them to get some grey hairs. When talking to event professionals, it’s a question I get asked a lot, and one that can often confuse many event managers: What is Event Medical Planning & Event Paramedic Cover?. It’s two skills that form part of one service.”

Medical event planning
“After How Event Planners Choose Venues, I decided to write this post, because another important decision should be how much support you can get from your event partners for this venue choice. And, there’s a lot more that goes into venue choice from a practical point than you might think.

Event Medical Plan (EMP)

It’s a great asset to any event organiser team, it’s a document and a set of actions that puts a plan in place to provide for medical services, communications, and emergency plans, it becomes part of the Event Management Plan”…..Read more

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