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Base Camp Providers

Base Camp Providers

Including Base Camp Services, Logistics Services and Base Camp Power Management:

CrewZers realizes that the Incident Command Post (ICP) is the required critical infrastructure for operations to protect the community and the firefighters responding to the incident. We understand that this critical infrastructure cannot afford to be delayed waiting for electricians to hard wire the camp.  We take great pride in providing the right equipment and personnel to get the camp up and running as quickly as possible.  With one of the largest lines of generators and power distribution products in the fire suppression industry,  we are able to get power up and running upon arrival.   We do not generally drop off a generator and cords like a rental yard.  Our technicians provide “set up” and remain onsite to ensure that the camp continues running smoothly.


CrewZers is available to arrange & supply all of your Base Camp Equipment & Logistics needs through coordination with our affiliates:

  • Mobile Office facilities (fully staffed)
  • Satellite/Internet Services
  • Catering
  • Restrooms
  • Clerical Support & GIS Units
  • Toilets & Restrooms
  • Motor Coach Transportation

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CrewZers is looking for team players who are interested in working with Equipment in a Mobile Environment (Tents/Base Camp Support, Mobile Showers, Mobile Hand Wash Units, Mobile Laundry).We are always on the lookout for potential CDL Drivers and Mechanics.

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