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Mobile Sleeper Trailers

Crewzers Mobile Sleeping Trailers


Mobile Sleep Trailers

Originally designed to provide an onsite solution to allow Crewzers employees to get proper rest while managing long term Base Camps, Crewzers Mobile Sleeper Trailers can also be used as temporary hotel rooms during spring events, temporary sleeping quarters for oilfield workers, or temporary sleeping facilities for Wildland Fire Fighters and Incident Management Teams.

Wildland Fire Agencies often use Mobile Sleeper Trailers or our HVAC’s and Insulated Tents as a solution to battling fatigue at many incidents as they provide a safer and more cost effective option than sending fire fighters driving for miles to find lodging after a long days work on the fireline.

  • Sleep 8 people per unit or 16 people per unit on two (2) 12 hour shifts
  • Climate controlled for temperatures from 0° through 120°F
  • Positive airflow and as well as optional onboard HEPA filtration systems (air scrubbers)
  • Built in lockers for storage of personal items
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm’s & Fire Extinguishers
  • Exterior area lighting
  • Full Bathroom with one (1) Shower stall, 1 sink and one (1) toilet
  • Attendants can be onsite for operation and cleaning of units or they can be dry leased
  • 25Kva Generator can power two units

Some features and benefits to utilizing Crewzers Mobile Sleep Trailers include:

  • Climate Controlled
  • Equipped with bathroom and showers
  • Accommodates up to 8 people
  • Often more Cost Effective than Hotels

Mobile Sleeping Trailers are an easy way to get a usable workspace in a very short amount of time. Mobile Sleeping Trailers can be used for many purposes, but most often serve as an crew quarters in areas that have no other permanent structures. Since these trailers are temporary solutions they are most often leased, but can also be rented


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