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Crewzers is Now Accepting GSA & Corporate Credit Cards

Crewzers is Now Accepting GSA & Corporate Credit Cards

Crewzers’ is now accepting GSA credit cards and corporate credit cards.

Our Corporate Office is equipped to process a remote payee’s information and issue a receipt (Adobe Acrobat format) to the payee’s secure email address within minutes. Payees may elect to have a copy of their receipt faxed to a secure fax line in lieu of an email. All credit card numbers are blocked from appearing on the receipt itself (with the exception of the last 4 digits) and a receipt tracking number is clearly indicated for payee’s future reference. The receipt also indicates job reference information such as Incident Name, Incident Job Number, etc.

For assistance with utilizing our Virtual Terminal Card Processing Option, please call Crewzers Corporate Office at 480 358 0700.


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