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Heating and Cooling

Crewzers HVACS for the ultimate climate controlled environment! 


Portable HVAC Systems

CrewZers is able to equip all of our portable shelter structures or temporary building facilities with a full range of heating, cooling, HVAC air conditioning, and ventilation products (HVAC).  Our HVAC’s, when used in tandem with our insulated tents cool well below agency standards.

With extreme temperature fluctuations from below freezing to over 115˚, temperature control is critical for team members working long days inside of tents.  Our HVAC’s and Insulated Tents are also  a great solution for sleeping crews, incident command teams, strike teams and others battling fatigue at incidents. They also provide a safer and more cost effective option than sending fire fighters driving for miles to find lodging after a long days work on the fireline.

All of our HVAC units contain a remote temperature thermostat to offer both heat or air conditioning.  Determining the amount of equipment to heat or cool our tents or other structures requires us to factor in typical temperatures at the site, time of year, hours of operation, additional heat generated from occupants or equipment, and then make allowances for leakage or unforeseen changes.

All of CrewZers HVACS are specifically designed to connect directly to our tents.

We offer a size and capacity HVAC
to suite every need:

3.5 Ton HVAC’s
5 Ton HVAC’s
10 Ton HVACS
25 Ton HVAC’s

3.5 Ton

The XE 1200 HVAC System offers all-in-one services for air conditioning, area cooling, dehumidifying and portable heating needs. Completely self-contained and portable, it provides 42 ,000 Btu per hour of cooling and 40 ,000 Btu heating. It has supplemental 27/36k Btu/hr heat strip for effective heating when ambient temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Supplemental heat strip requires separate 208/240 VOLT 50 amp circuit. The remote thermostatic control has a 50-foot (15.24m) cord. UL listed for outdoor use and is rated at 208/240V – 30 Amp, single-phase power.XE 1200 HVAC is also available in a stacking version (WS-XE1200ST)  that enables one HVAC to be stacked on another to conserve space during storage and transport.

Key features of the XE 1200 HVAC System:

  •  Up-fitted Trane® combination heat pump
  • Over/under ducting design for efficient direct connection with removable filter
  • Wrap-around coil guard
  • No fan belts to replace
  • Internally insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • Includes 50-foot power cord, connection boots and storage bags
  • Full tube frame with lifting bars for easy transport and protection
  • Baked-on powder coated finish
  • Remote thermostat with 50’ cord
  • Easy to remove, built in filter housing
  • Condensation runoff drain system included

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated – 208/240 Volts, 30-Amp, Single-Phase, 60 Hertz
  • CFM – 1,400
  • Cooling – 42,000 Btu/hr
  • EER/SEER (Btu/Watt Hr) – 10.5/12.05
  • Heating – 40,000 Btu/hr EER/SEER (Btu/Watt Hr) – 10.5/12.05
  • Standard Supplemental Heating – 27/36k Btu/hr (for use when ambient temperature is below 40-degrees Fahrenheit.  Requires separate 50 Amp circuit for operation.)
  • Remote Thermostat with 50-foot (15.24m) cord controls both standard HVAC and auxiliary heating.


  • XE12UD Supply Boot – 12-inch (30.48cm)
  • XE12LD Return Boot  – 14-inch (35.56cm)
  • Replaceable 16”x25”x1” (40.64cm x 63.5cm x 2.54cm) filter.


“On time and ready for service at all times.  No problems whatsoever.  Would gladly work with Crewzers again.”

- Thomas L. Dauenhauer
Murphy Fire Base Camp

When used in combination with our Western Shelter insulated tents, MQ Generators and custom power distribution, our HVACS heat and cool above industry standards.

Features of our heating and cooling systems:

  • Thermostat controlled HVAC units
  • Ducting designed to work perfectly with our HVAC’s and Western Shelter Insulated tents
  • Quiet and reliable

For more information on CrewZers HVACS and Heating and Cooling options please call 1.866.665.4954

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