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Light Towers

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Temporary Power & Light Towers

Whether you need temporary power and light towers for your base camp or power for single tent and smaller “set ups”, CrewZers has a solution for you.  We know you cannot afford to be idle due to a lack of on-site power or lighting. CrewZers is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (unlike many rental companies.)

Our Ultra-Silent Generators achieve sound levels 11 percent quieter than other gensets (as low as 56 dBA). They are the quietest generators available on the market, ranging from our low wattage Honda Generators (ideal for minimum power requirements) to our 125 kVA Whisper Watt Generators which can power an entire camp.

Variable Height Light Towers

CrewZers Variable Height Light Towers provide superior illumination and convenient external AC power perfect for:

  • Security Checkpoints
  • Base Camp Lighting
  • Military Training Exercises
  • Oil Fields
  • Construction Site Lighting
  • Sporting Event Lighting
  • Festivals & Rodeos
  • Campgrounds & Parks
  • Parking Lots
  • Sporting Events and Racing Venues
  • Any Special Event (Public or Private)

Variable Height Light Tower Features Include:

  • Four 1000 Watt Metal Halide Lights (fully illuminate up to 7 acres)
  • Variable Height Mast (up to 30’ High) w/360 degree rotation
  • Self Contained On-Board Fuel Tank (up to 71 hours continuous run time)
  • Uniform Light Pattern
  • Capable of withstanding winds of up to 65+ MPH

Rental options include daily, weekly and long term rentals (available Nationwide). Call our Office at 866.665.4954 for Pricing and Availability.

Solar Powered Light Towers

CrewZers Solar powered Light Towers provide:

  • Fuel Savings over diesel and gas powered light towers
  • Base Camp Lighting
  • Military Training Exercises
  • Oil Fields

Contractor was dependable at every request - Jorge L. Martinez Southern California Incident Management Team

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