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Prepping our equipment for Disaster Relief and 2016 Wild Land Fire Season

Being ready and prepared for when disaster strikes is the name of the game in the Disaster Relief and Wild Land Fire Industry.

We have been extremely busy the last few months getting all of our Disaster Support and Relief equipment and our wild land fire logistical support equipment ready for the upcoming season.  Maintenance is a year round job but Winter and Spring is when we conduct pre-season  preparations and ready our Teams and Equipment for the season ahead.


We take pride in having our tents looking clean as new and professional EVERY time they are deployed.  After a few months serving in the field they come back completely filthy from the smoke in the air, dirty areas where they are deployed and day-in day-out use by teams of wild land firefighters at the ICP.  They are also sprayed with a mold inhibitor to ensure they are safe and smelling clean.

Our HVAC heating and cooling units are put under tremendous stress during the season and the filters and coils are fully cleaned so they blow cold when they are deployed.  Due to the poor air quality where they are typically running, HVACS take a beating each year.  We take apart every single unit, clean it and inspect before it goes out again.


CrewZers has some of the best equipment for Wild Land Fire and Disaster Relief Services and is setting a standard for high quality equipment in the industry.


El Nino and 2016 Wild land Fire Predictions

NIFC has just released their March 1 2016 National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook for the period of March thru June.

In Summary, for the Western United States we are in wetter than average season for the much of the west but not entirely.   Northern California and West of the Cascades in Washington and Oregon experienced higher precipitation than average in Fall and Winter which is creating damper than average fuels in the Spring.  But the Southwest, Southern California, Eastern Washington and Oregon and most places in the rockies have experienced dryer than average winter and snow packs are lower than average with significant drying of fuels already happening.  This would indicate that we should see a similar season to last year with the exception of more potential for fire in the Southwest and Northern California having a late start as fuels begin to dry out later in the summer.

Read the full report here and make your own conclusions:

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